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Is your sex life pretty dull and even a bit boring?

"Remember The Magic Time When You First Fell in Love That Now Is Just a Distant Memory? "

Discover deep intimacy, tingling connection, melting love, tantric massage and just being totally ravished!

Urgent Release From Maurice Tate

Dear Friend,

My marriage had lasted 20 years, but sex had become really routine and unfulfilling. We didn't make love much and when we did, we both knew that something vital deep down was missing.

So out of desperation and the fear we would soon separate, we both agreed to attend a sexuality workshop. I remember we were both challenged to book this workshop, but we knew it was the last chance to save our marriage.

During the course, we did a simple hugging exercise.

The course leader hugged my lover and she actually passed out from the intense energy.
  He caught her as she dropped to the floor!

Well, this was pretty devastating. I really felt that I was less than a man. I could see, right before my eyes, how another man, just from a hug, gave my wife an intense, sexual experience. 

I could see I really needed to get my act together sexually!

Later, after the workshop, I was just lying next to her making eye contact and was stunned to find she was actually in an intense orgasmic state. And I was not touching her at all.

Gee, I thought, this is not fair at all. Why canít I have such orgasmic experiences? So I  resolved to open myself up to feeling her energy and looked deep into her eyes.  I sort of breathed in her energy. I was really surprised when I started shaking spontaneously and then had a big rhythmical orgasm that lasted for ages and I was surprised to find I had not ejaculated.

Wow, this is new, I thought. This experience happened 3 times. I seemed to gain energy instead of loosing energy like a normal ejaculation orgasm.

I was having huge orgasms without ejaculating!

And this experience was with no physical stimulation on my penis! I was just looking into her eyes with my lover being very turned on.

Suddenly I realized there was much more to sex than I had experienced. I knew I had to really study sexuality and learn how to take my lover much deeper, into profound orgasmic and even tantric sex.  I had to learn how to ravish her again and again. I knew that if I did not open to explore these experiences, I would loose her.

If I didn't act, soon I would loose my partner forever!

Over the next few years, I took every course on sexuality, tantra and personal development I could find.  I spend thousands of dollars in real sexual education. I read books, discovered the power of tantric sex, practised many new ways of making love, and had some amazing experiences.

Many times I have felt a total connection with my partner, on all levels. When we went into orgasm, we did not know who started the orgasms as we were so in time with each others orgasmic impulses.

This experience of total connection on all levels with your lover is so special and is what I feel is the essence of tantra. Women want to feel totally loved and that they are totally special.

Sex becomes timeless with depth and power.

I have also found one can even go beyond the pleasure of continuous orgasms to states of suspension of breath with deep spiritual experiences. After my lover went this deep she seemed totally fulfilled and contented and this lasted for months. (plus lots more sex too!)

Finally, after having such experiences, I was motivated to do professional sex healing training in the USA with the aim of helping other individuals and couples rediscover fantastic sex and to give simple guidance to for them to explore tantric sex.

One simple touch exercise can transform your sex life

Soon, I found that giving couples simple exercises to practise has enabled them to go to new intensity of energy and connection. One simple touch exercise has transformed many of my clients, and it only takes 10 minutes!

All these practices are done with no nudity, although advanced tantra massage techniques are available on request.

I focus my sessions on 3 modes of sexuality, trance, partner engagement and role playing. I have found  easy to learn practices can deepen anyone's experiences in my sessions and at home.

If you are ready to take your lover to orgasmic and spiritual places that no one has every done then read on.

  • Learn how to make love for hours and enjoy every second!
  • Do you want more emotional depth and deeper orgasmic experiences?
  • Do you just want more fun in your sex life?
  • Have you heard something about tantra and want to learn more?
  • Do you want to learn tantra and g spot massage?
  • As a man, do you want to learn how to come without loosing energy?
  • Did you know that studies have shown that after two years of marriage, the women's interest in sex drops by 50%.
  • The average man ejaculates after 8 minutes of intercourse in Australia and USA.
Do you wish for more meaning and a greater emotional connection in sex?

Learn powerful  connecting exercises and discover how to be more present and in your heart during sex.

For the more advanced, discover how some simple tantra massage tips can make your relationship and your sex life sizzle with energy and passion. There is a way to touching the clitoris and g spot that is mega powerful.

Surprisingly, all this may be a lot easier than you think

Warning for men, your lover could want too much sex!


Testimonial on Honeymoon Session

I surprised my wife on our honeymoon by organizing Maurice to arrive on the second day. It was a rewarding and worthwhile session which opened up new sexual possibilities with me and my partner. Maurice is a good counselor with a lot of knowledge in sexuality and tantra.

Tal  Visiting from New York USA

I believe that unless a woman goes deep into her feminine and sexual energy she will nag and be critical to her man. Great sex is the basis of a great relationship.

Boring Sex Leads To Separation.

The good thing I have found is that you can change boring sex with a little home study and homework.

I work with individuals and couples and I provide a 3 hour to 2 day  tantra instruction in the privacy of my rainforest retreat near Byron Bay, Australia.

For those who live too far away to see me personally, I have online training at  ssexual ecstasy in 14 days. It is guaranteed to improve your love life and increase the intimacy and the depth of your orgasms.

Book an advanced private session to experience methods of tantric erotic massage, G spot massage and sexual healing, tantra massage.

Men, overcome premature ejaculation and last for hours. Women, learn how to do a sensual penis and prostate massage.

Discover how to ravish your woman into ejaculation orgasms, multiple orgasms and maybe even screaming orgasms.

Discover how you can go into deep trance states and whole body orgasms.

Men,  learn some simple methods to  have orgasms with no ejaculation with no loss of energy, again and again.

Learn how to ride each others sexual energy for hours and enter deep, spiritual states.

My Gift For Reading So Far

The first step to change is always the hardest. So take a chance as I promise I will not bite and I love talking about sex so...

Ring me for a free chat about sexuality 02 66846686

Organize 3 couples in your house for a personalized workshop anywhere in Australia.

Sexual Ecstasy Is Your Birth Right.

To your orgasmic power and bliss

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My name is Maurice and I am a qualified massage therapist and sexologist trained at the Institute of the Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

I work with couples and individuals in a safe, non threatening space helping them with simple techniques to explore their sexuality.

I love working with individual couples in a mini tantra workshop sessions from 3 hours to 2 days. 

No nudity is needed in the beginner tantra sessions and the content is tailored to your needs and issues.

I live near Byron bay and I work in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Organize 3 couples and I can come to you anywhere in Australia!

Contact me mauricet at westnet.com.au

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